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What We Do

Creating Unity through Harmony

Austin Cantorum is a community of musicians and artists dedicated to creating sacred, transcendent experiences through choral music.  Cantorum concerts are illuminating and meditative and they allow listeners to connect with something primal yet otherworldly.  We strive to give audiences a moment of clarity and the space to hear and reflect.  We are a "cantorum," but we seek to reach people of all beliefs through the power of singing together.  We are Austin's Cantorum.


Austin Cantorum was created in December 2016 when Founding Director Cristian Cantu and a few friends met for karaoke at Ego's.  They had an idea for a new choir in Austin dedicated to innovating the choral craft, illuminating audiences, and inspiring the next generation of musicians.  Cristian served as director from 2016 until 2022, creating moving choral concerts for audiences all around Austin.  In 2023, Adrienne Pedrotti Bingamon, an early Cantorum member, became Artistic Director and she plans to continue the Cantorum tradition, focusing on meditative and reflective choral experiences.

Austin Cantorum May 2018 Rehearsal - 030.jpg
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