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V. : to introduce as or as if new

V. archaic : to effect a change in



V. : to enlighten spiritually or intellectually

adj. archaic : brightened with light



V. : to exert an enlivening or exalting experience

V. archaic : to breath or blow into or upon

we are

Austin Cantorum

our mission

harmony in unity ]

We are Austin Cantorum and we strive to innovate the choral craft, illuminate our audiences with new music, and inspire the next generation of musicians; all to ensure our art never fades.

our vision

Austin Cantorum provides audiences with illuminating and meditative choral performances in introspective spaces.  We strive to give listeners a moment of clarity and the space to hear and reflect.  For us at Cantorum, choral music is a spiritual guide.  We believe in its power to connect us to the divine and to our community.  We invite you to a spiritual experience through choral music.

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